Fall Blossom Raw Honey – two 2.5lb Jars – 5lbs total


You will receive two, 2.5lb jars of Fall Blossom Raw Honey, 5lbs total

10 reviews for Fall Blossom Raw Honey - two 2.5lb Jars - 5lbs total

  1. Nancy D. (verified owner)

    Love your honey–can’t imagine having our morning biscuits-toast without it. And it is always a pleasure doing business with the people at the Beekeeper’s Daughter shop.

  2. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    We love the Fall Blossom honey and the fast shipping we receive with each order!

  3. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    We are so in love with the Fall flower honey! The flavor is spectacular, it has just a hint of spice that makes it stand out from all the others!! This is our second order from online and have been so pleased with the price and shipping!!

  4. christopher (verified owner)

    Wonderful unfiltered and raw honeys and always quick service.

  5. Nancy (verified owner)

    We didn’t think anything could surpass your Buckwheat honey for taste/flavor; then after trying your Fall Blossom honey…WOW, It was close but, we now have a new favorite. This is one that we will be sharing with our neighbor as we did with the Buckwheat honey.

  6. christopher (verified owner)

    The taste of most honey varies somewhat…but the Fall Blossom is quite distinct and robust. I always enjoy this honey when it’s available…and it’s raw and unfiltered. The folks at the Beekeeper’s Daughter have premium honeys and great service. I, honestly, don’t shop anywhere else.

  7. Terri L. (verified owner)

    Best Honey Ever!!

  8. Ronit L. (verified owner)

  9. Ronit L. (verified owner)

    This one is my favorite. That hint of caramel.. It is soooo good. I put it in my oatmeal, in with my sweet potatoes, in my tea.. Or I eat it right out of the jar šŸ˜‰

  10. Lenny W. (verified owner)

    Everything is top notch from the quality of the honey to the care taken in shipping!!

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