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The Beekeeper’s Daughter has a wide variety of raw honey products, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Hand Bottled, American Honey



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Hand Bottled

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Featured Products

  • 14oz Block Honeycomb

  • 16oz fall blossom jar

    Fall Blossom – 1lb Jar

    $12.50 or subscribe and save up to 15%
  • aged bourbon barrel honey

    Aged Bourbon Barrel Honey

  • 4oz. Vintage Jar Gift Set


Try Our Honey Soda

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Simply sweetened with honey sourced from our family apiary.

What’s the buzz?

Learn about the long history of The Beekeeper’s Daughter and why we like to keep our honey products raw and unfiltered by watching the showcase by Discover NEPA.

Where We’re Stocked

Our honey can be purchased online, at our storefront, or check our store locator to find it in a business near you.