Swarmin’ Strawberry Lemonade Honey Soda


Savor the flavor of the hive with our honey soda! Our soda provides natural long-lasting energy that will keep you buzzing. This refreshing beverage is exclusively sweetened using honey harvested from our family apiary. Due to keeping our ingredient list simple as can “bee” the soda can separate. Just give it a gentle shake to redistribute.

Drink it chilled over ice or use it as a mixer with your favorite alcoholic beverage!

If you are interested in building a Sixteen Pack of our Honey Soda, click here. Purchasing a 16 Pack (four – 4 packs) that is a savings of $16!

Ingredients: Water, Strawberries, Honey, Lemon Juice, Beet Juice, Natural Flavors.

2 reviews for Swarmin' Strawberry Lemonade Honey Soda

  1. lxschultz (verified owner)

    Just received my six-pack of Swarmin’ Strawberry Lemonade!!! I tried it and it is SO GOOD! Can’t wait to have another! I think I’ll try a variety of flavors next time! LOVE the packing!! The package will be sure to be able to go through some rough handling!! Packed very well!!

  2. Amy G. (verified owner)

    I contacted The Beekeeper’s Daughter and they were so quick to respond and they were so helpful. The soda is SO GOOD! I bought the soda for my husband, but the whole family ended up loving it! We will definitely be buying more!

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