Our History

Beekeeping has been a part of our family since the 1800’s, when our family were hobbyist beekeepers. Our honey business was established in the early 1950’s in Dallas, Pa by my grandfather William Perry Sr. As the years went past, more and more hives were being kept due to the demand for American honey and we have eventually buzzed our way to thousands of hives. What started out as a small business venture, has grown to become our family life.

In the early 1950’s, my grandfather began to do what other beekeepers from the North did,  started to transport our bees to Florida for the Winter. Florida is home to endless amounts of luscious orange groves, fields of saw palmetto and sprawling brazilian pepper. It was here in the southwest part of Florida, where we started and continue to produce our flavorful Orange Blossom Honey, Saw Palmetto Honey, and Brazilian Pepper Honey. These varieties of honey are produced and harvested in the late Fall to late Spring/early Summer. Once the bees are done producing our Florida varieties, we then transport the bees back home, to Northeast Pennsylvania and Southern New York.

In the late spring, the bees finally arrive back in Pennsylvania. Our bees are spread from Dallas, Pa into the Northern tier of our state and into the Southern portion of New York. For the rest of the Summer this would be the home for our bees until late Fall. During the late Spring and into the Fall the bees are hard at work producing varieties of honey such as Wildflower, Locust Blossom, and Fall Honeys.

Hive to Table Honey

The Beekeeper’s Daughter started in 2010 when I (Hannah) saw high demand for local raw honey. After many years of watching other companies bottle our product, I decided to start our own private label. I keep all of our honey raw & unfiltered, so the honey stays just the way it was in the hive, full of pollen, aroma, flavor, and bits of wax and propolis. I started by bottling small amounts of our honey and selling it at local farmers markets. From there we have grown from selling it not only at local farmers markets, but to many stores throughout the United States and online. All of our honey is still hand bottled and delivered with pride by our family.